For every project, you may want to create a ReadMe file about your project. If you want to create blog posts using markup language or for any other purposes, readme.so make our job easy. This blog will see how we can write the markup or readme file easily without much effort.

Go to the https://readme.so/ page, click on get started, and see the editor.

The Left side panel is about the individual helpers for writing the markup. The middle panel is about the content to edit and you can see the preview in the right panel. It will resemble the same as the GitHub readme file.

We can go with some examples by clicking on “API Reference”. You will see the “API Reference” add to the top section and you can edit the values in the middle panel and see the preview in the right panel.

Click on individual sections to edit the content as you want and check the preview. You can also drag and drop the content, you can easily move the content up and down without much effort.

For example, if you want to keep “API Reference” at the top and “Title and Description” at the bottom, you can simply drag and drop the content. Click on the “six dots” at the left-top section of individual sections to move easily.

Get your content use the “Download” button at the top-right corner to get your file name as “Readme.md”. In the file, you can see all the markup text which you can use for any purpose.


In this blog, we saw how readme.so will make the readme-files so easy without much effort. We saw how to get started and create and edit the readme file with complete explanations and examples.

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