To test our APIs we will use the postman or we will use swagger UI documentation. Most of the time we will use Postman to test our functionality. But you need to open the postman again to test your APIs. Now we don’t need to open the postman anymore, there is a new Thunder client extension that is more like the postman. you can check the official

If you want to test with swagger, you can check the setup .


Install the extension and the icon will be visible in the left panel and click on that.

Click on new Request, if you can see the interface

If you know the postman then it will more familiar as it will be exactly the same.


you can add params in query parameters and it will reflect in the query. you can add multiple query parameters to the request.

### AUTH: Auth is important for any API, you can add the authentication here, There are different types of Auth, you can choose one. If you don’t have Auth you can choose the None option.


Add headers in the headers section, you can add multiple headers.


The body is the content type to choose when you try to change the content like post, put , etc., You can add content here for the requests.


There is an option to write the tests for your requests like unit testing.


In this blog, we see how to install the extension and execute the get request, Next, we saw all the options in the extension to add to the request with screenshots and a clear explanation.

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