CovidTracker application is done using reactjs, redux, chartjs, react-chartjs, typescript,antd

Check the complete project live in


sample picture of covid19 tracker

This application will give details of covid19 based on charts, check the charts based on country using chartjs and list of all countries included in a table using antd. I used open API to get all details .You can check for complete project in this github page. Technologies used in this project are reactjs ,redux, chartjs, axios, antd

Two way Authentication using reactjs,nodejs,nodemailer,antd,typescript,axios


This is a two way authentication with signup and login and in the backend used nodemailer to send the otp to the signup email to get authentication confirmed and the user can login into the application, checkout the complete project in my Github

Index-checker using reactjs, nodejs,, puppeteer


Index-checker get all index pages of the website or blog with just the website name. I used puppeteer for web automation, nodejs and for backend and reactjs for frontend.